Uncle and Aunties is a family-owned store located in the tree-lined historic downtown of Santa Clara, Utah. The shop is located in a 100+ year-old adobe home built by George and Bertha Graff along Old Highway 91. Nearby businesses include Frei’s Fruit Market and Kaili’s Restaurant. Uncle and Aunties is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday (closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday).


PLEASE HELP US STAY OPEN! We are so happy to be open for business. Because we are a small shop with employees in the highest-risk category for Covid-19, we are asking visitors to please wear a mask and practice social distancing while in the store. If one of us catches the virus, we will have to close and will likely not ever re-open. Your wearing a mask helps keep us safe and helps us stay open; and we will wear masks for your safety as well. Thank you!